Best Sportsman Generator Reviews

Updated November 19, 2020

In 2016, the average American faced around 1.3 power interruptions, and a total blackout of up to four hours, as reported by the US Energy Administration.

Now, power outages are more common than ever, mandating generators’ need for every home and office.

From kitchen appliances, entertainment centers, CCTV cameras, Laptops, and tablets to a lot more, every aspect of our lives depends on running electricity. And that’s why it is imperative to have them as a backup.

In short, almost everything essential to us runs on AC or DC power. A generator can be your best friend during those dark times.

But generators don’t come cheap – the more power they have, the costlier they get.

However, one brand that offers excellent generators at reasonable prices is Sportsman. They have it all — Inverter, gasoline, dual fuel, LP gas, and tri-fuel generators to fulfill all your power generation needs.

Surprisingly, we also found them to be just as good as the more expensive options in the market. They do a bang-up job in the performance department, without making too much sound. And they retail at affordable rates.

Read through our Sportsman generator review to know which Sportsman generator can fulfill your needs perfectly.

Best Sportsman Generators

1 Sportsman Gen2000 Gas Powered Portable Generator Sportsman GEN2000 Generator
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Best For Low Budgets
2Sportsman GEN1000I Generator
Sportsman - GEN1000I 1000 Watt Inverter Generator
Best For Low Budgets
Sportsman GEN1000I Generator
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3 Sportsman - 3500 Surge_3000 Running Watt Inverter Generator
Best Overall
Sportsman 3000 Watts Generator
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4 Sportsman - GEN4000LP Propane Powered Portable Generator Sportsman GEN4000LP Generator
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5 Sportsman - GEN2200DFI 2200W Dual Fuel Inv Generator Sportsman GEN2200DFI Generator
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Best For Higher Budgets
6Sportsman GEN9000DF Generator
Sportsman - GEN9000DF 9000W Dual Fuel Generator
Best For Higher Budgets
Sportsman GEN9000DF Generator
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1. Sportsman GEN2000 Generator

  • 9-hour runtime on full gas tank
  • Weighs 53 lbs.
  • 68 dBA
  • 1.2 gal fuel capacity

Quiet, compact, and portable, Sportsman’s gas-fueled inverter generator can power most common appliances for up to nine hours at 50% load. It has a 1.2 gal fuel capacity, and it consumes fuel at a rate of 0.13 gal/hour. 

Designed with an open frame, it can be raised above ground level, making it fit for rugged outdoor environments. 

This design also allows you to transport it conveniently from one place to another. It comes with a recoil start design, as well as an engine shut-off switch and overload protection, for convenience and safety purposes. It is also powered by unleaded gasoline, so you won’t have trouble finding a fuel source whenever you run out.


18.5 x 14.75 inches
AC: 120V 60 Hz; DC: 12V
Running wattage: 1400W; Starting wattage: 2000W
Noise Level:
68 dBA
Power Source:
120V AC; 12V DC


  • 9-hour runtime on full gas tank
  • Quiet performance
  • Commercial-grade reliability
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Has a heavy build
  • Lacks a data center

2. Sportsman GEN1000I Generator

  • 1.3 HP 4-Stroke OHV Engine                   
  • 1000 Surge Watts / 800 Running Watts
  • 6.3 hours run time at 50% Load
  • Recoil start only
Best For Low Budgets
Sportsman - GEN1000I 1000 Watt Inverter Generator

If you are in the market for a budget-friendly generator that performs well and doesn’t take up much space — Sportsman GEN1000I 1000 Watt Inverter Generator precisely fits the criteria. If you ask us, among the many Sportsman generators, this one is best for affordability.

This compact unit weighs up to 25 pounds, so carrying it around to camp and construction sites is easy.

It provides 1,000 watts of pure starting power and starts on the first tug, and then you get 800 watts of energy, which is enough to power up some electric tools and equipment.

The generator is an inverter type and emits a clean sine wave, so it is best for all your portable devices.

Use your laptop, charge your phone, power up the router, or run a few lights and fans with Sportsman GEN1000I. However, you can’t run bigger electric devices that require a good amount of wattage.

The generator also adheres to all safety regulations, which is apparent by its CARB and EPA rating, so people across the US can use it with complete peace of mind.

Overall, the 1.3 HP 4-Stroke OHV Engine can provide continuous 6.3 hours of runtime at 50% load, and while operational, it does not make that much sound.


15.6 x 8 x 13.8 inches
AC 120-volts
800 running watts
Noise Level:
56 dB
1000 Watt peak surge watts
Power Source:
Gasoline Engine (Unleaded gasoline octane rating of 87 or higher)


  • CARB and EPA approved
  • Reasonably priced
  • Docent runtime
  • Small size and 0.55-gallon fuel tank


  • Noisier than other generators in the same category
  • Perform at altitudes lower than 3,000 feet

3. Sportsman 3000 Watts Generator

  • 5.5 HP 4-stroke OHV engine.  
  • 120-volt AC unit and 12-volt DC unit.
  • Wheels with locking caster for easy mobility included.
  • Runs for 8 hours at 50% load.
Best Overall
Sportsman - 3500 Surge_3000 Running Watt Inverter Generator

It is a small but powerful unit thanks to the featured 5.5 horsepower 4-stroke OHV engine.

The best part is that this variant comes with three ports — a 120-volt AC port, a 12-volt DC port, and a 120-volt RV port. You can plug your RV into it without needing to tailor the connections.

The Sportsman 3000 Watts generator can run for eight straight hours at 50% load. It comes with a 30-ounce oil tank and a gasoline-dependent 1.7-gallon fuel tank. You can switch it on via a recoil switch; and turn it off with a button press.

It is quite common for users to forget to change the oil in due time. With this generator, even if you forget refilling, the generator will alert you as it comes with an automatic low-oil shutoff feature.

It also comes handy when on remote job sites, while adventuring in your RV, and while camping, courtesy of the featured tires and locking caster – no need to lift it often, just wheel it into the site.


13.75 x 20.25 x 24.5 inches
AC 120-volts
3000 watts running watts
Noise Level:
63 dB
3500 peak surge watts
Power Source:


  • Compact size.
  • Can be used on camping trips and in RVs, thanks to the featured 120-volt RV ready outlet.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Decent runtime.


  • Doesn’t have a push start.
  • Some users reported on facing problems getting the generator started on the first pull.

4. Sportsman GEN4000LP Generator

  • Propane generator with recoil start, compatible with 20-pound fuel tanks.
  • Features 3 outlets, one for 12V DC and two for 120V AC.
  • Equipped with a 4-stroke, 7 HP OHV engine.
  • Can run for up to 10 hours at 50% load.

This portable propane generator from Sportsman with a 20-gallon tank and recoil start is dependable and friendly with the environment! The three built-in outlets are more than enough for powering a wide range of small appliances, electronics, lights, and even some power tools. 

So, whether you’re considering it as a backup for your home or a power source in a camp or on a construction site, you can’t go wrong with it. The 7 HP engine will keep it running for up to 10 hours with a 50% load. All while the noise will stay at a reasonable level of 68 dB, which, by the way, is softer than your vacuum cleaner. 

Built for reliable performances and powered with the most eco-friendly energy source, Sportsman’s generator is lightweight, starts right up, runs quietly, and comes at a very good price. You’ll probably have a hard time settling for a different model!


19.5 x 17 x 23 in
120 V
7000 peak watts
Noise Level:
68 dB
7000 peak watts / 3250 running watts
Power Source:


  • Good power output and environmentally friendly.
  • Runs with a low noise level.
  • Convenient operation and easy to refill.
  • Ideal for campsite or construction power tools.


  • Non-CARB compliance makes it unusable in California.
  • Very short, 90-day general warranty.

5. Sportsman GEN2200DFI Generator

  • Runs for 7 hours at 50% load.
  • Dual-fuel technology.
  • 4650 RPM.
  • Two 120-volt AC outlet and one 12-volt DC.

Unlike other generators that allow you to use one power option at a time, the Sportsman GEN2200DFI 2200W Dual Fuel Inverter Generator lets you crank up the power by simultaneously using two power sources.

With its 4-stroke 2.6 HP 79 cc engine, the generator cum inverter offers 4650 revolutions per minute, even at a low shift rate. This allows for a start power of 2,200 watts and running power of 1800 watts.

It comes with a 3.8-liter tank – filled to the top – you get seven straight hours of output at 50% load. The featured propane hose is five feet long, and it comes with a regulator to ensure safety.

The Sportsman GEN2200DFI has a 12-ounce oil tank filled with SAE 10W-30 oil. Refilling is easy and seamless thanks to the perfectly angled extended funnel.

The generator features three well-placed outlets — an 8-amp 12-volt DC outlet and two 120-volt AC outlets.

Additionally, it does not make much sound. Expect no more than 53 dB if you are around 23 feet away from the generator. Also, it is safe to be used across the US as it is CARD and EPA certified. 

These many features make the Sportsman GEN2200DFI an ideal choice for carrying around to campsites; so you can make the most out of the outdoors.


19.2 x 12 x 18.1 inches
AC 120-volt
1800 (gasoline), 1600 (propane)
Noise Level:
60 dB
2200 (gasoline), 1900 (propane)
Power Source:
Gasoline, Propane


  • Energy-efficient.
  • Low noise as opposed to comparable variants.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • EPB and CARB rated.


  • Instructions could have been a bit more clearer.
  • Not the best option for bigger homes.

6. Sportsman GEN9000DF Generator

  • Recoil, Electric.             
  • 420 cc OHV 4-stroke.
  • Runs for 10 hours on 50% Load (Gas) and 5 hours on 50% (Propane).
  • 200 pounds.
Best For Higher Budgets
Sportsman - GEN9000DF 9000W Dual Fuel Generator

Whether you want to power the whole house or a decent-sized office — the Sportsman GEN9000DF 9000W Dual Fuel Generator can fulfill all your needs as it is one of the best Sportsman generators out there.

It features a 3-stroke OHV 420cc engine that can operate at an astounding 15 HP and deliver 9000 watts of starting power and 7500 watts of running power.

Starting the unit could not be any simpler, as it has an electric starter alongside a recoil starting mechanism. It powers up instantly thanks to the electric starter. However, if it doesn’t respond well owing to a low-powered or dead battery — pull the rope.

Though it works similar to any other generator, it has a slightly different look and feel. The case is more vented to keep the engine at acceptable temperatures at all times.

The Sportsman GEN9000DF is a dual-fuel engine generator, which means you can use propane and gasoline as a power source.

You don’t get a propane tank out of the box, so the choice is yours on how big or small of a tank you need. In contrast, the gasoline tank needs 8 gallons of unleaded fuel to fill from empty to full.

You can get ten straight hours of runtime at 50% load on a full tank, and with 20 pounds of propane, you can get 5 hours of runtime at 50% load. Plus, the generator requires 38 ounces of SAE 10W-30 type oil for seamless operation.

The Sportsman GEN9000DF gives you several power outlets, which include; a 120 to 240 volt AC outlet, four 120-volt outlets, and a 120-volt RV-compatible AC outlet.


30.5 x 24 x 21.5 inches
AC 120/240-volt
7500 Watt running power
Noise Level:
80 dB
9000 peak surge power
Power Source:
Gas, Propane


  • A significant amount of power.
  • Safe operation.
  • Electric start.
  • Comes with several accessories.


  • Heavy.
  • Noisy, requires soundproofing.

Sportsman Generator Buying Guide

Sportsman Generator Brand

Sportsman generators are some of the most affordable generators on the market. In addition to their pocket-friendly prices, they pack more power than the many expensive options.

You be the judge – Google for a few Sportsman generator review pieces and have a read. Also, check reviews and ratings left by current and past users.  You’ll find that Sportsman has been serving many American home and business owners efficiently.

Inverter Or Traditional Generators

While narrowing down your choices, you must’ve come across sportsman generator reviews and Sportsman inverter generator reviews. We love both options because they offer stellar value for money.

While choosing whether to get an inverter or a conventional generator, you got to decide on your overall need for power.

If need be of a portable source that can provide enough power for a few items, an inverter generator will be suitable.

Whereas, if you have to use light to heavy-duty electronics simultaneously, traditional Sportsman generators are a better option for you.

Furthermore, inverters are known to be less noisy than traditional generators.

Fuel Type

Almost all generators use gasoline as a power source, but some variants are propane powered and dual-fuel compatible.

While propane is way cheaper than gasoline and readily available, gasoline-powered generators provide you with a longer runtime.

Plus, propane has a considerable amount of shelf life, so the engine lasts longer than when powered by gasoline.

According to experts, if you reside somewhere in or near the coastal area—use a propane-powered generator.


The generators’ runtime is proportional to fuel cost, and many factors come into play when checking if the potential selection would be efficient enough.

Like, type of generator, overall tank capacity, type of fuel, overall wattage, and how much load is being shouldered by the unit.

That said, inverters tend to be the most efficient; however, the delivered power is not at par with what you may get from conventional units.

For instance, a generator that provides 1000 to 2000  peak power can run a minimum of four to a maximum of seven hours with 0.75 gallons of fuel when supporting half of the overall load.

Similarly a generator supporting 7000 to 9000 wattage can provide above eight hours of runtime at 50% load while needing around seven gallons of fuel.

However, these deductions may change if any of the above mentioned factors fluctuate.

Type of Engine

Like most generator providers, Sportsman generators also come in different shapes and sizes, with some versions being excessively powerful, whereas others are meant for small operations.

The heavier the use, the better should be the engine, so it all depends on intent — where the unit will be used, for how long, and what may be the overall wattage requirement.

The good news is that Sportsman generators feature quality engines that provide as much power as advertised.


Before nailing the right pick from the Sportsman generators lineup, decide on how much power is enough for you.

Please note all the items you typically use and how much-combined wattage may be needed to power them up simultaneously.

Then decide on the runtime you seek. You want enough power to get through the temporary blackout without rushing to buy more gasoline.

Once you are sure of what you need, look for a generator that meets or slightly exceeds your requirement.

But be careful while making sense of the generator’s output; you are on the lookout for the generator’s running wattage and not the surge wattage (starting wattage). 

Additionally, check if the overall output ampere is enough to run all devices at once.


Sportsman Generators are popularly known for offering compact options, and despite the size, the results are outstanding. 

Thanks to the small footprint, you can carry the generator as and when you please without much effort. So, a worthy pick for campsites, RVs, worksites, and places where outages are expected.

You can either go with a portable inverter if the need for power is not as much, or you can go for a traditional gasoline-powered mobile unit that can power up all electronics at the same time.

Noise Level

No generator comes with a mute button and every single one of them makes quite a lot of noise. Yes, even the quiet ones!

However, buying the right generator can make all the difference between noise that can be ignored or that annoys you and everyone around as well. This means that some units can be very bothersome, whereas the sound from some can be passed over.

That said, Sportsman generators are not as noisy as many units on the market, and with some strong soundproofing, the chances are that you may be able to altogether ignore the sound.

When buying your desired unit, check what decibel rating it has to ensure what you are getting into.

Available Outlets

To power up various devices, generators come with several outlets that support different voltages. Typically, a good unit would support AC and DC power both.

Choose a Sportsman generator that best fits your power requirements. For instance, you may need a unit that can be easily mounted to your RV, so a good option would be to buy a generator with an RV compatible outlet.


Since gasoline or propane are involved, safe-operations need to be ensured from generators. 

The standard options to look out for are low oil alert, overload protection, low oil shutoff, overload and output indicator, voltage indicator, voltage regulator, and fuel gauge.

It goes without saying that don’t expect all these options to be available on every model. But make sure you atleast get a few of them with the generator you choose.


Some generators come pre-packaged with all the accessories you’ll need to service and use them. This includes screwdrivers, battery cables, mobility kit, propane hose, funnel easy oil filling, DC cable, etc.


To be used in the US, a generator must pass certain standards, like EPA and CARB (if you reside in California.)

Thankfully, all Sportsman generators are certified with both standards, and therefore, safe to use in the States.

Sportsman Warranty

Sure, Sportsman generators are considerably less pricey than other options. However, it would be best if you knew that your investment is safe and the best way to do that is to know that you get a good warranty from the manufacturers.

The good news is that most Sportsman generators come with a year’s worth of warranty, whereas some are covered for 90 whole days.

Pricing Range

Sportsman generators are known and loved for their fantastic price points. They rank among the most affordable generators on the market.

The overall average for these generators is around $580 to $600, and within this range, you can find generators that can provide 5000 to 6000 watts. If you go for a higher budget, say up to $1500, you can get generators that support around 10000 peak power.

And you can get your hands on the cheapest out of the many by spending $110 to $155 — this unit can sustain if used to power a few devices, and no more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Makes Sportsman Generators?

Buffalo Corp does an excellent job providing cost-effective constructions, commercial and residential tools, and equipment. Sportsman generators are one of their many product lines, which imports and sells high-performance-focused generators at affordable rates.

Q: Where Are Sportsman Generators Made?

All Sportsman generators are made in China. Then they are imported by Buffalo Corp. and sold across America.

Our Verdict

Hopefully, your search for a good generator ends here; the Sportsman lineup has something for everyone. They are compact, highly functional, low-noise generators that pack a punch.

The sheer number of available options means that you will find something per your needs, i.e., according to the required output and the desired runtime.

As made apparent from our Sportsman generator review, the best generator that checks all bosses is the Sportsman 3000 Watts. It can be wheeled around and doesn’t weigh as much, so it gets full marks in the portability department. Plus, it provides exceptional power and performance.

And if you are willing to spend the money and need a reasonable amount of total wattage, we recommend the Sportsman GEN9000DF. If you are the outdoorsy kind, go for Sportsman GEN2200DFI.

Finally, if the need for power or budget is limited, the Sportsman GEN1000I will provide you the backup you need when you need it!