Yeti 1400 Review

Updated December 25, 2020

If you’re an avid outdoorsman and indulge in routine camping trips, bonfires, or barbeques, you’d know just how important a reliable portable generator is. 

Gas-powered variants are not a good option because of their noxious fumes and noise. 

In that regard, a battery-powered solar generator like the Goal Zero Yeti 1400 has a lead over conventional generators.

The Yeti 1400 operates quietly, unlike conventional generators, and does not emit any dangerous fumes that may pose a health risk to you and your family. 

With that said, if you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, this portable generator can serve as an emergency backup power source. 

It is inexpensive and compact compared to other power generation units and offers the same benefits you would expect from a high-quality generator. 

To top it off, this model can be synced with smartphones and laptops and comes with a Yeti phone application that allows you to control the generator remotely.

Are you still not sure if this is the right generator for you? 

Hopefully, our Yeti 1400 review will clear out any doubts you might have about the unit. 

Read on to learn more.

Yeti 1400 Review

Goal Zero Brand

When choosing devices meant for power generation, you have many options: gas-powered generators, power banks, and UPS systems. 

But not every brand can deliver long-lasting, reliable solutions. 

Goal Zero has been in the business of portable solar power supplies since 2009 and has established itself as an authority in the world of power generation.

Goal Zero power stations are fitted with rechargeable batteries connected to conventional power outlets or solar panels. 

Their units are long-lasting, reliable, compact, and efficient. 

Whether you’re looking for a backup for emergencies or a power source for camping excursions, you can depend on Goal Zero products.


The Yeti 1400 solar generator matches up to inverter generators regarding clean energy, sound, and portability. 

This unit is powered by a 1425-watt-hour lithium-ion battery instead of the lead-acid battery seen on its predecessors; it is lighter and has more cycles than other batteries. 

These batteries allow pass-through charging, which means they can be used to provide electricity while being charged.

The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 uses inverter technology through its pure-sine-wave inverter, allowing for stable voltage and surge-prevention. 

It provides 1500-watt running power output and 3000-watt peak power output, and its inverter technology makes it safe for you to charge sensitive devices, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Furthermore, you can charge it by connecting to any wall outlet, which should take around 25 hours to charge the battery fully. 

If there is no socket, it can also be powered using solar energy.

The recommended solar panels for the Yeti 1400 are Boulder 50, Boulder 100, and Boulder 200, as stated by Goal Zero. 

However, as with all solar-powered generators, a full charge will require a long wait. 

It will take 14 hours for the Boulder 50 to be fully charged, whereas you should expect double the time for the Boulder 100.

What Can Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Power?

With its powerful battery and 1425 watt-hours, it can provide you power for an extended period. 

The running power output is 1500 watts, while the high surge output is 3000 watts. 

This device can charge a smartphone 70 times, a laptop 23 times, and keep a refrigerator running for 23 hours, to put it in perspective.

Additionally, it’s better to plan out what appliances you want to charge or run beforehand for better use. 

Compared to other inverter generators – which run on gas and have a maximum run-time of 6-8 hours on half load – the Yeti 1400 can provide power for more hours.

The unit also has seven ports on the control panel; two AC 120-volt outlets, one DC 12-volt outlet, and four USB ports.

If connected to an extension cord, it can charge ten devices simultaneously as long as the accumulated load does not exceed the limit.

The pass-through technology allows users to run devices while the battery is being charged. 

As long as the load does not exceed the charge-rate, it will keep running.

Moreover, the specially designed Goal Zero Yeti app allows users to monitor and control the generator. 

You can check battery levels, output, and the number of devices connected to a port. 

Additionally, you can also adjust the load and active ports to prioritize which devices you want to charge. 

The app also has frequent updates for optimized performance.

Fuel Efficiency

This generator is gasless and works on a chargeable lithium-ion NMC battery, allowing solar power charging. 

As opposed to gas-powered generators, the Yeti 1400 has lower maintenance costs and no fuel costs. It also boasts peak power of 3000 watts; this is double its 1500 watts running power.

Moreover, this solar-powered generator provides clean, environmentally friendly energy. It’s safe to use indoors, unlike gas-powered units, which emit harmful and noxious fumes.

Additionally, compared to gas-powered generators, the Yeti  1400 is a better investment because it saves on refueling costs; this more than makes up for its high initial cost.

Solar generators stay in operation much longer than gas-powered generators and maintain their charge for extended periods. 

If not in use, they need to be charged once every few months and don’t require regular maintenance.


18 x 13 x 13 inches
120V AC/ 12V DC
1500 watts continuous/3000 watts peak output
Noise Level:
1500 watts
Power Source:

Pros & Cons


  • Silent
  • Portable and easy to move around
  • Multiple charging ports
  • Durable


  • Some users found it to be a bit expensive, but they did agree that the higher price point is justified
  • It takes a long time to charge the battery fully; however, in return, it provides more run-time

Portability, Size, And Weight

The Goal Zero Yeti 1400 is incredibly lightweight and compact. It comes enclosed in a plastic casing that makes it easy to fit in a small cabinet. 

Moreover, the unit is designed to be comfortably lifted and moved, with sturdy rubber feet and plastic bumpers on corners. 

It offers similar running power to heavy-duty 2000-watt generators while weighing much less than other models.

Measuring 18 x 13 x 13 inches and weighing around 57 pounds, it’s the size of a large crate and can easily fit in the back of your truck for your outdoor excursions. 

Furthermore, the battery is encased in plastic, which protects against drops and fall damage. For easy carrying, it’s also fitted with two large metal grips. And in its dry unit state, it weighs around 43 pounds.

This unit is designed to fit inside homes safely as it does not emit toxic fumes. 

The battery pack is also enclosed in a water-tight casing and features a battery management system that safeguards the unit from short circuits or overcharging.

It also comes with a cooling system, and it is suitable for temperatures between the range of 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit.


Even when not in use, it’s advised to charge the battery every three months to keep it running. For effective operation and long-lasting service, it’s wise to follow the maintenance instructions. 

The battery performs best when adequately maintained. 

Goal Zero offers a manufacturer warranty of one year for the Yeti 1400, which covers any defects and faults besides those resulting from user negligence. 

All repairs will be carried out for free during this one year. 

Additionally, the warranty is transferrable and resets when sold to a new customer. 

So, if you use your Yeti 1400 battery for six months and sell it, the new owner will be covered for a full one-year, starting from the day they purchased it from you. 

Noise Levels

If you’re annoyed by the loud rumble of gas-powered generators, you would greatly appreciate the Goal Zero Yeti 1400

While inverter generators are quieter than conventional generators, this unit takes it to a whole new level.

With this model, you can easily power your suburban home without any loud sounds to discomfort your family members or neighbors.

It’s also perfect for family barbeques and outdoor picnics with its quiet operation and lack of fumes.

Yeti 1400 Generator Customer Reviews

Customers have given mostly positive reviews for the Goal Zero Yeti 1400 generators, commenting on its compact shape and portability. 

Many reviewers have spoken about how its build is perfect for transporting it in the back of an SUV. 

Another feature that caught many user’s attention is the remote usage application. 

It allows them to control the generator remotely through Wi-Fi by using the app; this allows for easy monitoring and control.

Additionally, most users rated it higher than conventional generators for ease-of-use. The Yeti 1400 offers longer running times and similar running power to other inverter generators. 

When asked to choose between other 2000-watt inverter generators and this unit, users preferred the Yeti.

One of the reasons users have given it positive reviews on Amazon is its ability to simultaneously charge up to ten devices. 

However, the need to connect an extension cord proves to be a hassle. Many people also said that they could do with more AC outlets. 

Customers also appreciated its sturdy design and construction. The metal handles and the plastic casing prevented damages to its body and provide for easy handling. 

Additionally, changing the battery also proved to be a breeze, and the users valued the low maintenance cost.

Unfortunately, many people found the initial cost beyond their comfortable budget.

Compared to other conventional fuel-powered generators, these models cost around two to three times more, certainly becoming a burden on the customers’ wallets.

Furthermore, the fact that it does not come with accessories that customers need to buy separately was also a reason for negative reviews. 

Most customers were under the assumption that the cost included solar panels when that is not the case. Its incompatibility for extreme winter conditions was also a problem for some users.

The positive reviews outweighed the negative ones by and large, with most users praising its quietness, longevity, long-running times, and ability to run multiple devices simultaneously.

Our Verdict

We are pleased with the performance and output of the Goal Zero Yeti 1400, and we can vouch for its lead over other generators.

However, we understand that the Yeti 1400 is not a suitable option for those on a budget because of its high price and paid add-ons.

But if you’re looking to make a serious investment and save up for a quality portable generator, this would feature among our top picks, especially if you’re looking to switch to renewable energy.

The longevity, minimal maintenance costs, and zero running costs make the initial investment worth it. Buying the Yeti will also end up saving you money on fuel in the long run.

The unique feature that makes the Yeti 1400 necessary for modern homes is its remote monitoring and control. 

Users can customize functionality remotely and update the firmware through its specially designed Yeti app.

If you’re looking for a quiet, compact, durable generator for backup or outdoor trips and want to make the transition from fossil-fuel to clean, off-grid energy, the Goal Zero Yeti 1400 is the perfect choice for you!