Westinghouse iGEN4500DF Review

Updated November 23, 2020

Need a fuel-efficient and quiet generator for your next camping trip? Look no further than the Westinghouse iGen4500DF portable inverter generator!

This dual-fuel portable inverter generator by Westinghouse can be powered through either propane or gasoline – switch to the one you prefer – and features an impressive extended run time of 18 hours.

With the iGen4500DF generator, you can keep your home, office, camp, or construction site powered for nearly an entire day. 

It has a 4500-watt starting power and a 3700-watt running power, which is enough to run any of your essential appliances effortlessly while providing clean and stable energy. 

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) dictates the amount of electrical distortion in a connection. 

This portable unit has a total harmonic distortion rating of below 3%, ensuring protection for your sensitive electronics.

Additionally, managing the functions of the iGen45000DF generator is easy as it comes with a digital display and control panel. 

The unit also includes a high-tech system through which you can electric-start it remotely. 

To get a gist of what this generator can do for you, read ahead for specifications, running efficiency, and an overall review of the iGen4500df!

Westinghouse iGEN4500DF Review

Power And Run Time

The iGen4500DF electric start generator can generate enough electricity to simultaneously power most of your electronic essentials along with some major household appliances. 

Thanks to its dual-fuel technology, it provides a 120-volt output and offers enhanced versatility and power. 

Running this inverter generator on gasoline provides you with 3700 watts of continuous running power and 4500 watts of surge power for an uninterrupted 18-hours on a mere 3.4-gallon fuel tank.

However, if you use it on propane, it can provide you with an impressive 4050-watt starting power and 3330-watt running power for 18-hours at a mere quarter load.         

Moreover, since the iGen4500DF model offers EU Series parallel capability, you can connect it to another unit for additional power.

What Can You Power With Westinghouse iGEN4500DF? 

The iGen4500DF portable dual-fuel generator can provide electricity to many sensitive electronics alongside some general home appliances such as laptops, LCD/plasma TVs, tablets, mobile devices, lights, fridges, routers, sump pumps, furnaces, and fans.    

Fuel Efficiency

The iGen4500DF portable generator comes with a unique dual-fuel technology that allows it to run smoothly on two types of fuel: propane and gasoline. 

This versatility and operational flexibility ensure optimal performance under all circumstances.

Additionally, since gasoline has a shorter shelf-life, the ability to switch to propane can be an actual savior during emergencies.

Thus, with its excellent 3.4-gallon fuel tank, it can provide you reliable electricity for up to 18-hours and power nearly all essential home appliances.


3.4 gallons
4500 watts
Noise Level:
52 decibels
3700 watts
Power Source:

Pros & Cons


  • CARB-compliant and USFS, EPA approved
  • Easy to maintain and use
  • Never-flat wheels
  • Extremely quiet while functioning
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Compact design
  • Dual-fuel


  • The generator’s oil-changing process is complicated
  • Without twist-lock receptacle

Portability, Weight & Size

The iGen4500DF dual-fuel generator comes with an extremely compact and lightweight design. 

It includes two embedded handles, a telescoping handle, and all-terrain wheels to provide unmatched comfort and mobility.   

Its extendable handles are designed ergonomically and allow for easy pushing and pulling, and the never-flat durable wheels allow for seamless movement on terrains of all kinds.  

With dimensions of 18 x 10 x 15.5 inches and a weight of approximately 93 pounds, this portable inverter generator is ideal for home, construction sites, RV’s, and tailgating, among others. 

Noise Level

One of the most important things that need to be considered when making a purchase is the generator’s noise level, especially if you’re seeking a powerful portable generator for public use. 

The term public use falls in a grey area. We mean any noise that may affect the lives of those around you, even if you have the generator outside your house; if it impedes your neighbor’s eardrums, it’s a public issue. 

Westinghouse provides some of the quietest generators to consumers; the iGen4500DF portable model is no exception. 

As a completely-enclosed portable dual-fuel generator, the unit is designed to provide minimal noise during operation, making it highly usable in all situations.    

With a 52-decibel noise rating, you can compare the sound to that of a running refrigerator. Use it while camping, and you won’t get a single complaint from fellow campers!

Moreover, its double-walled acoustic panel further lowers the engine sound significantly. Not only that, but the generator also features a low-tone muffler and asymmetrical fans to reduce the unit’s operating noise, making this one of the quietest generators currently available.

Active & Running Watts

The iGen4500DF gas-powered generator has a 224cc OHV 4-stroke engine; the unit offers 3700-watt running power and 4500 active peak wattage while operating at the optimal range of 3600RPM.  


The iGen4500DF electric start portable generator prioritizes performance and efficiency while being eco-friendly! 

This model is both CARB-compliant and EPA approved; this means the unit is legally available for purchase and sale in all 50 states.  

Additionally, thanks to its spark arrester, this unit has also been considered safe to use in states with a history of forest fires, making it great for camping!  


Because of their heavy usage, it is best practice to affirm product coverage or warranty before buying a generator. 

Since these machines don’t come cheap and are susceptible to damage or other faults, it is wise to purchase units that offer adequate warranty periods. 

The iGen4500DF by Westinghouse is covered by a 3-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support.

Westinghouse iGEN4500DF Generator Customer Reviews

The iGen4500DF generator by Westinghouse packs a punch with 3330 watts running power on propane and 3700 watts of running power on gasoline. 

It also provides 4050-watt peak surge power on propane and 4500 watts of the same on gasoline. This results in the unit being able to power numerous electrical appliances and devices simultaneously.  

Several customers supported this. For instance, some happy campers found this dual-fuel generator extremely helpful as it powered most of their appliances. This included a slow cooker, RV refrigerator, radiant heater, and an RV air conditioner. 

Many users appreciated the ability of this model during power outages and other power-related emergencies. Overall, all customers expressed positivity about using the iGen4500DF generator and having it on hand for unexpected situations.

For example, one consumer has pointed out that with the help of this dual-fuel generator, he powers a fridge, waffle iron, hair dryer, and charges his phone at once without batting an eye.

Moreover, you can also employ the unit at your construction site because of its ability to simultaneously power multiple heavy-duty tools. 

One consumer shared a relevant experience using this inverter generator to power two circular saws – one reciprocating saw and one table saw – effortlessly.

Besides that, several consumers have applauded its EU Series parallel capability. This gives them more power by connecting the unit with another portable inverter generator.        

All customers find the iGen4500DF’s fuel tank to be exceptionally efficient, going on to support the manufacturer’s claim about the unit’s overall run time. Most consumers noted that the generator could run smoothly for up to 18-hours without any interruption at just a quarter of the load.  

Another reason why this unit is a favorite among users is its efficiency mode. This mode ensures enough power capacity to run most of your appliances at minimal fuel usage.

Apart from the technical reasons that customers find highly attractive about this Westinghouse generator, the thing that makes it most popular among customers is its low-sound while operating. 

Why Should You Use An Inverter Generator?

The biggest advantage of using an inverter generator such as iGen4500DF is that it can charge sensitive electronics without the risk of damage. That’s because it produces clean power that does not fluctuate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does The Westinghouse IGen4500DF Portable Generator Include A Pull-Start Besides Electric Start?

Yes, it does! Though the generator comes with an electric start push-button and a remote start for increased convenience, it also offers a recoil start in case of emergencies.  

Is There Any Chance I Can Merge Two Westinghouse IGen4500DF Portable Generators To Achieve A 50-Amp Connection?

Yes, you can! Since the iGen4500DF portable generator comes with an EU Series parallel capability, it can smoothly connect two iGen4500DF generators without much trouble and double the overall power capacity. 

What’s important to note here is that the parallel kit doesn’t come along with the generator. You will have to purchase it separately.

Our Verdict

The iGen4500DF portable inverter generator offers a range of incredible features, including powerful power generation capacity, enhanced durability, fuel-efficiency, super-quiet operation, and stable power. 

The unit comes with a dual-fuel technology that allows for higher versatility. In addition to that, it’s extremely compact design – given the power, weight, and size – makes it an ideal generator for outdoor activity. Its mobility-friendly design gives you the ability to move the unit anywhere you like! 

It pumps a reliable 4500 watts of peak power and 3700 watts running power, making it a perfect home backup. It is equally as reliable for picnics, excursions, treks, tailgating parties, or RVing.