Sportsman GEN1000i Review

Updated December 25, 2020

Sportsman is a renowned brand in the generator industry. 

They offer affordable and high-quality portable generators at a fraction of the price of other options on the market. 

If you’re looking for a reliable portable generator for construction sites or as an emergency backup for your home, Sportsman Generators are right up your alley!

While they are not the most technologically advanced units on the market, they’re affordable and do the job well. 

Sportsman’s Gen1000i inverter generator is one of the finest entries for its power range. It is a smaller, portable 1000-watt variant, ideal for camping and tailgating.

Among the portable generators available in the market, the Sportsman Gen1000i is probably the most cost-effective model you can find. But does this model deliver? Or is the low price a compromise on quality?

We reviewed the model and ran comparisons with similar units. Read on to know if you should consider investing in this power-generating machine.

Sportsman GEN1000i Review

Inverter Technology

So you’re looking for a compact generator that is not as noisy as the larger models? 

Well, an inverter generator is just what you need. Inverter generators are much quieter than the conventional big-sized, open-frame generator models.

You might be wondering what an inverter generator is. 

Inverter generators differ from conventional generators in the way they produce electricity. 

The generator produces AC power, which the inverter technology converts to a steady flow of DC power. 

This is called a stable sine wave, essentially giving you clean power and a stable voltage like the power you get from your main supply line.

This is also one of the reasons why inverter generators are much quieter than the conventional larger generator models with open frames.

The inverter technology in the Gen1000i allows it to produce stable power free from surges, unlike a conventional AC generator, which may damage appliances and sensitive devices.  

You don’t have to switch off important appliances any time you turn on the generator. This unit offers a steady, stable supply of voltage without any risk of damage to your devices.

This technology also allows for greater fuel efficiency as the engine adjusts in proportion to load, meaning you don’t have to refuel as often.

Therefore, the inverter ensures high fuel efficiency while also delivering a steady 240V power supply.

Lastly, the inverter technology allows these generators to be lightweight, compact, and much quieter than conventional generators, making them an ideal choice for camping trips. 

Power And Run Time

The Sportsman Gen1000i generator is fitted with a 0.55-gallon fuel tank. 

While this generator is not strong enough to power your entire house, you can certainly power a part of it. 

In the case of an outage, it can come in handy as an emergency backup power option.

Moreover, the oil tank can hold up to 10 oz of oil, and the preferred oil type is SAE 10W30, which works best with the engine. 

Also, the runtime depends on the power load. You can expect 6 hours of continuous runtime at 50% load on the economy mode, which can be toggled using a simple switch. 

Other than that, this unit comes with several lights that indicate power output, load, and low oil.

Furthermore, this generator delivers 800W running output and 1000W peak surge. It features a 120V AC outlet and a 12V DC outlet.

While this model delivers low output compared to larger variants, it’s still ideal for emergency uses or as a portable power supply for camping. 

Additionally, using it in economy mode allows for maximum efficiency of fuel and longer runtimes during outages.

A common problem with this generator is that sometimes it does not power all the connected devices.  This could be due to a dirty air filter or probably a fault in one of the connected devices. 

The more likely reason could be that you have connected more devices than the engine can handle, and due to overload, it won’t supply adequate power.  

Moreover, if the engine refuses to power up, despite cranking a few times, the issue could be a choke or a wrongly positioned fuel valve or engine switch.

What Can Sportsman Gen1000i Generator Run?

This generator has low power output. However, it can supply enough to power part of your house. It’s a good power source for backup supply during emergencies and outages.

It is excellent for outdoor excursions that require light power usages, such as camping and light tailgating. It can also be used for small power tools in the house but not heavy construction equipment.

It has one 120V AC output and another 12V DC output since it works on inverter technology. The DC output is meant to provide a stable voltage and prevent power surges. 

It will need frequent refueling because of its small tank, and it’s meant to last around six hours on one run. Also, it works best on Economy mode with 50% load. 

Furthermore, it features an automatic shutdown feature in case of low oil, so there’s no need to worry about blowouts.


9.0 x 5.75 x 0.375 inches
120 V
1000 W starting, 800 W running
Noise Level:
56 db at zero load
80 W running, 100 W peak output
Power Source:

Pros & Cons


  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Dependable
  • Cheap


  • Some users felt that it would have been even better if heavy tools could be used with this generator
  • It provides six hours of run-time, which for many people is a decent amount

Noise Level

Compared to other generators, this Sportsman 1000 watt inverter generator is much quieter, delivering 56db of noise at no load. However, if you increase the load by 25%, the noise levels will go up.

At full load, expect the generator to have noise levels similar to a vacuum cleaner. If you’re standing next to it, the sound levels will be unpleasant, but this is bearable for home use. 

As a result, this is not loud enough to discomfort your neighbors and is approvable for use in suburban homes.

Don’t expect it to be completely noise-free since it is a generator, with an engine and motor, after all. 

However, the noise levels will certainly be lower than most power tools, lawnmowers, and conventional generators.


A generator is a hefty investment, and buyers appreciate knowing that their product is covered by warranty in the event of a malfunction or defect. 

Even though this generator is modestly priced, it still helps to know that a warranty covers it.

The warranty for this Sportsman 1000 generator provides coverage for one year and is termed as a “limited warranty.” 

This means that the warranty does not extend to any accidental damage or failure caused due to incorrect maintenance. 

It will, however, cover any defects that are discovered within one year of purchase.

To learn how to conduct maintenance properly, read the manual, and follow the guidelines mentioned. 

For effective use and longevity, it’s wise to follow the manual instructions and ensure regular maintenance. 

Additionally, change the oil regularly and clean or replace the spark plug and air filter.

In case of any issues, contact the representatives at your nearest service center for repairs and replacement. 

If your generator is covered by warranty, you must get your repair done by an authorized technician. 

However, if you get it repaired by an unauthorized technician or do it yourself, your product warranty will be voided. 

Even if the coverage period has ended, it’s still recommended to take your generator to an authorized service center for repairs.

Following the maintenance tips regularly, changing the oil, and frequently replacing the spark plugs will keep the generator in good condition and prevent serious problems.


This Sportsman 1000 generator is meant for outdoor use only in non-confined areas as it meets the US EPA and CARB emission standards. 

However, users must ensure that there is adequate space on all sides for ventilation. 

This generator exhaust emits carbon monoxide; direct exposure to it can cause headaches, dizziness, and unconsciousness.

Portability, Size, And Weight

Weighing around 25 lbs, it’s possibly one of the lightest generators available in the market. Its weight makes it ideal for portable use at camping and outdoor trips. It can be used for RV use as well.

Measuring 9 x 5.75 x 0.375, it’s compact, convenient to use, and easily fits inside most spaces. It has a starting output of 1000 watts and a running output of 800 watts. 

With this wattage, the generator can’t be used on construction sites, but it can power electric tools.

Sportsman Gen1000i Customer Reviews

Currently, this Sportsman 1000 watt inverter generator has earned a 4-star average on Amazon, with the users raving about its low price and compact size.

Customers, who were used to larger generators, appreciated its low noise levels, while some felt it did not live up to their satisfaction and expected more.

Some customers were irked by its supposedly low-quality build, as it is susceptible to the odd dent and scratch. However, users must be aware that this is not a very high-quality product, given its low price.  

Consequently, many customers found this model lacking in sturdiness, with plastic construction and its relatively low lifetime compared to other generators.

Moreover, some other customers had issues with its running time of 6 hours and the fact that it does not power the entire house. However, that’s understandable, given its compact size and low power output.

Overall, some reviewers were greatly pleased with the customer service while others described it as great but not lasting long. 

Most of the reviews were positive, praising its low cost and affordability, and customers were generally pleased with its performance levels.

Our Verdict

If you’re on a budget and looking for a generator for emergencies, this Sportsman 1000 watt inverter generator may be the best fit for you. 

While it doesn’t make great promises, it delivers on the ones that it makes. 

If you’re looking for a generator for camping and light tailgating, this is a good option, and it’s certainly going to be reliable. 

However, if you’re thinking of going on extended RV trips, you might want to reconsider your choice as this model might not be enough for all your power needs.

With its low price, it compromises on quality in a few places. 

Moreover, the construction is weaker than most heavier models, and the power output is also less if you are looking to charge multiple devices.

It is also not likely to last you a lifetime and may give out after extended use. However, it’s a good temporary option until you move on to a heavier generator. 

Given its ultra-low price, its lifetime and durability are still miles above other similarly priced models.

This generator holds value for regular users looking for a reliable generator to use for emergencies.

Most users who have used this generator have praised its low cost, performance, and reliability. 

This Sportsman 1000 generator is certainly worth an investment if you want to keep your appliances and sensitive devices working in bleak situations or if you need an alternative power source for rare emergencies or light camping trips.