Predator Generator 8750 Review

Updated November 27, 2020

In a market that is jam-packed with powerful generators, it can be a difficult task to sift through the choice and find the right one for you.

The first step towards knowing what generator to buy is understanding what you need the device for.

Generators come in all shapes and sizes and offer a wide range of services, depending on what you need.

As we go on to look at one of the industry’s most popular makes, Predator, it’s worth bearing in mind that this model is one of Predator’s top line and power generators.

We will assess its capabilities and how this affects each aspect of its use.

From home use to its RV possibilities, you will be in no doubt whether the Predator 8750 is the one for you.

Predator Generator 8750 Review


When it comes to buying a generator, there’s no doubt that its power is a defining factor. Let’s face it, we want to know how much power we can get for our hard-earned cash.

As you might already know, the power of all generators is measured in Watts. It is this that will give us our understanding of the device’s capabilities and what it is able to run.

As is in the name of the device, the Predator 8750 has a huge peak wattage of 8750 Watts and an equally impressive running power of 7000 Watts. 

It is evident from the high wattage of the Predator 8750 that it is a workhorse and one of the power giants on the generator market.

Although this generator has the capability to run up to 8750 Watts, it is on the manufacturer’s advice that you should not run it constantly at its highest level. This will prevent it from overloading the device you are powering.

This hugely powerful Predator 8750 generator is powered by a 420 cc (13 hp) OHV 4-stroke engine and delivers 120/240 Volts of power.     

What Can Predator 8750 Generator Run? 

With such a vast bounty of power, the Predator 8750 is capable of powering a large number of devices at once, making it a popular choice for those who want a backup power source for their household.

As there is a possible 8750 Watts of power to play with, this generator is more than up to the task of powering all your home devices at once.

Powering refrigerators, microwaves, and radios with ease, this is a great choice for those seeking a power source during a power shortage or natural disasters.

Equipped with six AC outlets and one DC outlet, there are enough connections to power a number of different types of devices all on this one generator. 

The L5-30R receptacle also makes it simple to attach to your RV.  

This large scale of power provides users with enough juice for all your home life, camping demands, and RV requirements, making it one of the most powerful and popular of its kind on the modern market.  

Fuel Efficiency

With a large fuel tank containing an impressive capacity of 6.6 gallons, the Predator 8750 can hold enough fuel to supply a huge amount of power without needing a top-up.

At half of its running power, the generator can provide continuous power for up to 12 hours, showing its great fuel efficiency.

This 0.55 gallon per hour efficiency is matched by the little add ons that make it all the more efficient. 

These add ons include a low fuel shut off feature and low oil shut off feature, both cutting the generator’s power if they are low.

As the generator is so fuel-efficient, it makes it a great choice for those who wish to use it in an emergency or camping trip – two situations where access to fuel may be difficult. 

The pricing of the generator is a little high for some customers, yet the money you save with its fuel-efficiency means you actually save more in the long run.


28 x 23 x 23 inches
120/240 V
8750 Watts
Noise Level:
76 dBA
8750 Watts
Power Source:

Pros & Cons


  • Huge power capabilities.
  • Fuel efficient.
  • Roll cage and sturdy design.
  • Electrical start.
  • Multiple outlets.
  • Compact design.


  • Possible high pricing.
  • Weak Warranty

Portability, Size & Weight

Although the Predator 8750 is considered a chunky piece of powerful kit, its surprisingly compact design makes portability a little more simple. 

The open-frame design offers users a lot more support compared to similar models of this power and size.

The protective cage of the generator means it can be raised above the ground, adding to its portability. 

Admittedly, the 193 lbs are still going to be substantial weight for the average user, yet the design of the generator makes moving it far easier than you would first expect. 

Users can purchase an added wheel kit that fits seamlessly under the generator, making the portability that all the easier.

Producing a whopping 8750 wattage of power from a 6.6-gallon tank would have you believing that Predator 8750 is a hugely cumbersome device, which is far from the truth. 

Although the weight may be too much, the actual dimensions of the generator make it simple to store in the average car trunk.     

Starting & Running Watts

With starting watts of 8750W, the Predator 8750 is capable of instant surge that matches some of the most powerful generators on the market. 

This huge difference in both the starting and running watts just shows how much it is able to surge and give you that extra boost of power.

This spectrum of power proves the Predator’s capabilities in running almost every device that needs such power.

It is always advisable not to run a generator to its full starting or surge wattage power for too long. 

Prolonged use like this is likely to have unwanted effects such as blown fuses or complete shutdown of devices.  

Noise Levels

The Predator 8750 has a noise level of 76 decibels, which is the equivalent of your average vacuum cleaner. 

Although this may not be the most welcoming noise on some RV or camping sites it is surprisingly quiet for the power that the generator produces.

Weighing up the scales between the Predator 8750’s extraordinary power capabilities and its noise levels, it is clear to see that for such a powerhouse as this, the noise produced is next to nothing. 

76 decibels is nowhere near the warning levels of prolonged exposure, so using it as a constant companion in the home will leave you with no hearing loss issues or neighbor complaints.   


One of the things highlighted through Predator 8750 reviews is the issues with its warranty. 

The generator comes with only a 90-day warranty, something that is rare but not unheard of with this make and type of design. 

Another issue with this 90-day warranty is the possibility of it being voided is all too easy.

If you decide to make any alterations to the generator, in the event of something breaking or not working, you may forfeit the warranty. 

Bearing this in mind, it is always better to consult the manufacturer before attempting any repairs yourself. 

This 90-day warranty is also no guarantee that the manufacturer will replace or repair your generator. 

The warranty only covers certain parts or alterations to the generator, so be sure to review your warranty with the maker before making a claim.  

Predator 8750 Watt Generator Reviews

An overall feel of most Predator 8750 watt generator reviews is a feeling of positivity towards many of its shining features. 

Through the online reviews, users highlight time after time the generator’s tremendous ability to power a large number of different devices all at once, without trading in any of the compactness of design.

Another feature that is celebrated repeatedly throughout the reviews of this product is its high run time and fuel efficiency.

For a generator with this much wattage and size, the fact it can run for so long at half power is something that all customers and potential customers are in favor of.

On the other side of the review system is the united disappointment with the Predator 8750’s weak warranty. 

The limit of 90 days does not go down well with many of the reviews, highlighting that it is a weaker one than is often given to other generators of this caliber and size.

Our Verdict

After weighing up the finer points of this generator, it is clear to see that the Predator 8750 is a titan in its generator category.

Its highly positive reviews far exceed the negative points, both from our perspective and that of the many online reviewers.

Those who are seeking a workhorse generator that is more than capable of running a household’s electrical dependencies for extended periods of time will find what they need in this model. 

Though it may exclude some customers who are seeking a cheaper or more affordable generator option, it easily makes up its price tag with its ability to consume fuel efficiently and provide an excellent generator experience.