Predator 4000 Generator Review

Updated November 27, 2020

Trying to pin down that all-important generator for your own use can be tricky.

After all, with such a varied marketplace and so many devices to choose from, how do you know which is the right one for you?

To begin with, we need to ask ourselves what we need the generator for.

Is it for powering homes as back during a storm or natural disaster?

Powering our RV during those family weekends away?

Or, is it simply an added power source that can be rolled out when we don’t know we needed it?

All of these varying factors can affect your choice in a generator, and it is those that we will look at with this review.

Taking you through the pros and cons, features, and add ons of the Predator 4000, you can make an informed decision as to whether this is the generator for you.

Along with the nitty-gritty specifications, we will also look at what other reviews and genuine users are saying.

Predator 4000 Generator Review


When it comes to any generator, power is one of the most important factors. 

Understanding how much power a generator can produce will allow you to match it up to the task you need it to do, giving you a far better understanding of its capabilities.

Power is measured in watts and is a good indicator of what the generator is able to power and run. 

As the name suggests, the Predator 4000 has a peak wattage of 4000 watts. 

Although the running power is 3200, this level of power still packs a punch. Running at 3200 watts, the Predator 4000 produces 120v of power at 60 hertz. 

What Can Predator 4000 Generator Run? 

At 4000 watts and a running power of 3200 watts, the Predator 4000 has a huge capability when it comes to powering all kinds of devices. 

Running all kinds of household items will be no trouble for this generator. 

To give you a better understanding of its ability we can compare its power with the watts it takes to run various devices

The Predator 4000 watt generator can power a 700-watt refrigerator, an 1800-watt skill saw, and a 635-watt microwave all at once. 

This comes to a total of 3125 watts, just short of its optimal running level. 

Remember, it is important to run generators at 90% of their maximum power so you don’t overload the machine.

Being able to exert 6.5 Horsepower shows that the Predator 4000 is a more than capable generator. 

It will have no problem providing power to household items and the bigger more power demanding tools out on the worksite or farm.  

Fuel Efficiency

With such a large output capability, it is no surprise that the predator generator 4000 can burn through its fuel tank in no time.

Using around 0.4 gallons per hour at a 50% load, this is not the most fuel-efficient generator on the market. 

If you’re looking for a powerful generator, to use at home, rather than in remote locations, the Predator 4000 will suit you well.


24 x 19 x 20 inches
AC: 120/240V 60 Hz, DC: 12V
4000 W
Noise Level:
72 dBA
4000 W
Power Source:

Pros & Cons


  • Run time of 10 hours.
  • Lots of hookup possibilities.
  • Low oil indicator and low oil shut off.
  • Heavy duty and roll cage attachment.


  • Low fuel efficiency.
  • The wheel kit must be purchased separately.

Portability, Weight & Size

Weighing 99lbs, the 4000-watt predator generator is a hulk of machinery and is not easily portable for the average user. 

Although this lack of portability can be a drawback for many users, it is countered by the strong durability of the device.

As the generator is not RV ready, those wishing to use it during RV camping trips will have to buy an adapter to use it successfully. 

Transporting such a heavy device will also mean that you need a wheel kit if you ever want to take it on a camping trip. 

Unfortunately, the wheel kit does not come as standard and you will need to purchase this separately.     

Active & Running Watts

The Predator generator has a running watt level of 3200 watts, making it more than capable of powering your home, plus any added extras. 

The difference between start-up watts and running watts is around 800 watts. 

Although this may be a significant difference, even running this generator at 50% capabilities will provide the user with sufficient power for most household items. 

Run Time

The Predator 4000 generator can run for ten hours at a 50% load with a full tank. This makes it one of the hardest working generators on the market. 

The run time also enables users of the generator to power things such as RVs and homes during storms or times of crisis.    

Predator 4000 Generator Oil

Manufacturers of the Predator 4000 Generator suggest that users generally opt for SAE 10w-30 oil during regular use and SAE 5w-30 for colder conditions. 

To add oil to this model of generator you will need to buy a funnel. Unfortunately, a funnel is not included with the device and will need to be purchased separately. 

A simple oil light indicator will show users when it is time to refill the generator and acts as a welcomed safety gesture of the Predator 4000. 

If for any reason, the oil level drops below a healthy level, the generator will automatically shut off – eliminating the chance of the device seizing up. 

The only drawback is the location of the oil cap, which can be difficult to locate and slightly awkward to remove. 


The Predator 4000 generator is covered by a three-month warranty, which is calculated as 90 days. 

This warranty is limited to only certain parts of the generator and will not cover the whole machine.

After this warranty is up, an emissions control system warranty will still continue for up to two years afterward.

This will ensure that the engine does not produce any more emissions than it should at the time of purchase.

Your warranty will be voided if you attempt to change any parts within the generator from an unauthorized service provider. 

Predator 4000 Generator Reviews

Reviews for the Predator 4000 are generally positive in nature across the board. 

Users often highlight the power and output of the generator as one of its best attributes, stating its usability during storms, blackouts, or other situations where a large amount of boating power is needed.

Notable points of contention with the design of the Predator 4000 come from its weight.  Although some users comment on the fact that its durability is a huge advantage. 

The overall pricing of the device gets the biggest praise, as something of this quality is rarely priced this reasonably. 

Negative reviews occasionally mention the generator’s inability to run for longer periods of time, though it again is balanced by other reviews championing its stamina and run time.   

In conclusion, online reviews are largely favorable of the Predator 4000 and hold it in high regard compared to devices of a similar size, make, or the price tag.    

Our Verdict

It is clear to see that the Predator 4000 generator is a top of the range piece of kit. 

Comparing the cost of the generator with the scale of power you will receive, it should be high on the list of desirable generators. 

Those of you looking for a sturdy, and powerful generator that you are unlikely to move in a hurry will struggle to find a device better than this. 

Although it lacks the swift mobility that you would want in an RV or camping generator, it comes into its own as a stay-at-home generator that is used to power the household in the case of an emergency.