Honda EU3000iS Review

Updated December 26, 2020

If you are looking for a powerful external generator with enhanced wattage power and minimal sound, look no further than the Honda EU3000iS  generator.

Although the unit is a bit heavy and difficult to move as opposed to other similar models, it is ideal to use as a secondary power source. 

This is because it is compact, highly efficient, and very reliable. 

You may find this environmentally-friendly portable generator slightly expensive; however, the high-end features like enhanced wattage power capacity and noise reduction make up for its high price.

Additionally, the EU3000iS comes with a GX200 engine, which is ultra-quiet considering how much power it holds. 

Moreover, its state-of-the-art inverter technology enables you to safely charge a broad range of electronic equipment such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and others

For people looking for an eco-friendly generator that doesn’t compromise power capacity, this electric start generator is their best bet, as it provides value for money. 

Read on for our Honda EU3000iS  review, and learn more about it:

Honda EU3000iS Review

Inverter Technology

Do you want a compact, powerful generator with minimal noise compared to most other similarly powerful models? If so, you need an inverter generator!

Generators with inverter technology are quieter than traditional larger, open frame models. These are different from conventional generators in many ways. 

For instance, they drive power using a unique mechanism. 

The generator generates AC power and converts it into DC power through inverter technology. 

This phenomenon is called the sine wave, which gives you stable, clean power, and voltage stability, similar to what you derive from the main supply. 

Honda has integrated this cutting edge inverter technology in most models — EU3000iS is no exception. 

With its inverter technology, you will gain access to a steady, reliable power source. This can power up a wide range of home appliances while simultaneously supplying electricity to sensitive electronic equipment like cell-phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, etc.  

Honda generators boast one of the most stable and reliable technologies in inverters. 

The same is also integrated into the Honda generator EU3000iS.  

Thanks to this sophisticated inverter technology, EU3000iS provides clean power, which is highly similar to the electricity you get when the device is connected to a power outlet in the house. 

Not only that, but This inverter technology also helps ensure higher fuel efficiency by automatically adjusting power according to the load and saves you from frequent refueling. 

Overall, this modern inverter tech makes the EU3000iS  generator lightweight, quieter, and extremely compact compared to the majority of conventional generators on the market. 

Simply put, this is a perfect unit for homeowners who are looking for an additional power source.  

Honda EU3000iS Power

This generator is powered by an impressive Honda GX200 196cc 4-stroke engine. The unit delivers 120 volts and works on gasoline to provide 3000-watt peak power and 2800-watt running power. 

This unit also comes with a parallel cable, which means you can extend the running power to 6000 wattages by connecting another EU3000iS  Honda generator to it.     

What Can Honda EU3000iS Generator Run? 

The Honda EU3000iS  generator can effortlessly run a large variety of household appliances, including fridges, TVs, lighting circuits, microwaves, stoves, coffee makers, and RV air conditioners. 

Additionally, due to its inverter technology, the unit can also smoothly run computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other sensitive electronic equipment. 

To put it simply, this power generating machine can power all appliances under 3000 wattage ratings.


27 x 26 x 21 inches
120 V
3000 W
Noise Level:
58 dB
2800 W
Power Source:

Pros & Cons


  • Highly powerful
  • Extremely durable
  • Value-for-money
  • It comes with a state of the art inverter technology
  • Three-year warranty
  • Fuel efficient


  • Some users felt that it would have been a major plus if the generator came with attached tires for seamless movement

Portability, Size & Weight

Although the EU3000iS  is branded as portable, moving this Honda generator isn’t an easy task. 

This is one particular area where it falls short compared to other similar models. It may be because Honda didn’t design it to be mobile, despite it having all the other essential aspects of a portable generator. 

With the dimensions of 27 x 26 x 21 inches and a weight of 144lbs – which can be more with a full tank of gasoline – the generator may not be a great choice for solo camping. In addition to that, the unit also doesn’t include ergonomic caster wheels or comfortable handles to assist with carrying. 

Instead, this EU3000iS  Honda generator comes with two small carry handles on either side of the unit. Judging by the weight of this power generating machine, the only possible way to move around the device is when you have somebody to lend a hand. 

At 72lbs of load on each individual, carrying this unit through uneven terrain or up a flight of stairs is undoubtedly a tough task. 

However, you can address this issue by purchasing the after-market wheel kit. Overall, given its weight, size, and power-generation capacity, the portability this unit provides still is commendable. 

Starting & Running Watts

Honda is an industry leader in the power generation market and is known to manufacture expertly crafted machines that are highly efficient, durable, and reliable — and the Honda EU3000iS  is no exception! 

This model comes with an impressive Honda GX200 196cc 4-cycle engine, which means the unit can provide 2800-watts of average running power output and a 3000-watts starting output. 

The surge power can come in handy when larger electrical household appliances are involved.   

It is often recommended that homeowners should only utilize its optimal operational power output for about 30 minutes at any given time. 

Additionally, this generator has an exclusive eco-throttle feature that provides higher fuel efficiency. This feature can function for 7.2 to 20-hours on a single 3.4-gallon fuel tank. 

It also lets the Honda engine adjust to various speeds according to the demanding load. 

Nevertheless, the unit’s exclusive eco-throttle mode will limit the output to 48 watts or 4 Amps. 

However, if you want to increase the power generation capacity, you can connect your EU3000iS  to another EU3000iS  Honda generator to gain a staggering power output of 6000watts. 

The power option this generator offers is 120volts. 

Overall, with such amazing power, this model can run an AC for an RV. Plus, its eco throttle will let you power all your essential equipment, ensuring greater fuel efficiency. 


A generator is a long-term investment; therefore, you should ensure that the manufacturer provides extended warranty coverage. Normally generators have a standard 2-year warranty. 

However, this portable EU3000iS  Honda generator provides an unprecedented three-year warranty for commercial and residential use. 

Remember, the warranty goes void if you modify the unit in any capacity, like adding a remote starter. 

Honda EU3000iS Generator Customer Reviews

The Honda generator EU3000iS  is one of the best and most reliable gasoline portable generators on the market, providing enhanced fuel efficiency and running power. 

You can rely on it as your credible home-back-up, tailgating, camping, or RV generator. 

Consumers report that the unit is very simple to assemble and offers a great running and surge power output and performance. 

Several homeowners stated that they love how effortless it is to start the generator, thanks to its electric start push-button. 

They also find the recoil starting option pretty useful. The generator provides this feature as a backup in case something goes wrong with the electric button. 

For instance, the battery used to power it up is low or drained out, or the electric start button has a technical issue. 

Additionally, most users found this unit extremely quiet during operation. 

One consumer reviewed the generator when using it on a camping trip; they reported low sounds, relatively easy mobility, and overall reliability. 

They mentioned how everybody slept peacefully at night without being annoyed by a blaring sound,

This can be attributed to the generator’s impressive 58 dB running sound – which is similar to a normal conversation.

Furthermore, many users praise the unit’s exceptional power generation capacity that provides an awesome 3000-watt surge power and 2800-watt running power. 

They also appreciated the fact that this Honda model can seamlessly run multiple home appliances simultaneously. 

One customer reported that due to its inverter technology that offers clean, stable power, he could easily power almost all of his sensitive equipment, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and computers, without any damage throughout the power outage.   

Some customers also recalled how the Honda EU3000iS  generator was their only power source at home during long-hours, probably day’s worth of power outages. 

They reported running the inverter generator for about 20-hours back to back without any hassle.  

Additionally, one user also mentioned that the unit was helpful for her during the devastating spell of hurricanes. 

She lauded the generator for its reliability and claimed to recommend it to her friends and family as a backup power generator, especially to prepare for any future emergencies.   

However, despite being rated as a portable generator, some customers found it extremely heavy and unsuitable for solo camping and tailgating.  

Noise Level

With generators of immense size and weight, noise levels are a pressing worry. 

Using them at home makes them a nuisance for neighbors, and using them at picnics, tailgates, or at the beach causes a public disturbance. 

For those who don’t know, generator sound levels are evaluated in decibel ratings. And normally, generator sound readings are taken 23 ft. away from the unit. 

Most large, power-packed generators, similar to the Honda EU3000iS, operate at 70-80 dB range, identical to a vacuum cleaner’s noise. However, EU3000iS  is different and quieter!

Honda has proved to its competitors with this model that power and quietness can go hand in hand. 

This electric start generator offers 58 decibels of noise level at full load and 50 decibels at one-fourth load, similar to a normal conversation.  

In short, you can use this generator anywhere without causing mass-disturbance or becoming a public nuisance.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a high-quality inverter generator that can power a wide array of large home electrical appliances, look no further than the Honda EU3000iS  portable generator!

This is a must-have Honda generator due to its advanced features, high fuel efficiency, and modern design.  

Despite being a bit heavier than most other similar models on the market, the EU3000iS  proves to be a reliable source of power for emergencies. 

Additionally, its unique inverter technology provides easy access to a stable, clean power source. This technology makes the generator capable of running sensitive electronic equipment. 

Moreover, this model provides 2800 watts of running power output and 3000 watts of surge power, which can come in handy when you have to run large, heavy household appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, microwaves, and more.

During operation, this powerful unit is comparatively quieter than most of the conventional generators currently available. 

With just 58 decibels of noise level ratings, you can use it when camping without the fear of disturbing nearby campers.

Lastly, its eco-throttle mode makes sure you get the maximum performance for up to 20 hours depending on the load!