Honda EU2000i Review

Updated December 30, 2020

Honda has led the way with a huge variety of different technologies over the past two centuries, each one paving the path in innovative and breakthrough technology.

Nowhere is the height of this innovation seen better than in its generator, the Honda EU2000i.

Understanding your generator requirements will allow you to sieve through the many different generator models that are out there, but with the Honda EU2000i, you will see that it ticks numerous boxes.

From its maneuverability and cost-effectiveness to its fuel efficiency and elegant design, there is a lot to like about this model of generator.

Let us take you through the major and minor points of the Honda EU2000i so you can reach your own conclusion on whether it is the right product for you and your needs.

Honda EU2000i Review


When it comes to searching for the ideal generator, power is one of the most important factors, and it is well worth doing the research.

The power of the generator is measured in Watts and is the measurement that will allow us to understand what that particular generator can power and run.

With this particular model of generator, the Honda EU2000i, the power of the device amounts to 2000 watts. 

The 2000 watts are the generator’s top running level of power, whereas the average running power comes in at around 1600 watts.

It is important not to run the generator at its full wattage capabilities for the entire time. 

Running the Honda EU2000i generator at its 2000 watt level constantly may cause the generator to overload and cut out any devices it is powering.    

The Honda 2000 generator is classed as a mid-range generator when it comes to levels of power. 

Although it is not one of the topmost powerful generators, it has more than enough power to hold its own in powering many household and camping devices.  

What Can Honda EU2000i Generator Run? 

Based around the 1600 and 2000 Watt running power, the Honda generator eu2000i has quite a substantial power base to play with, even though its stature is quite small.

The 2000 Watts that’s available from the Honda EU2000i generator is more than enough to power a range of devices at once. 

Although it’s not likely that it will produce enough juice to power your entire home, there is still much to shout about.

If you are looking to power your refrigerator, a series of lights, or a heater for the home, the Honda generator eu2000i is the generator for you.

Along with its emergency backup capabilities, this generator really comes into its own when used in situations such as RV or camping trips. 

The 2000 watts can easily run your RV power requirements or provide that backup of power you need on the camping site.

The Honda GX100 engine that powers the generator is a world-renowned piece of machinery that is more than enough to keep the generator going non-stop for hours. 

The engine is also fitted with an air-cooling mechanism, allowing the device to provide continuous power without cutting out.     

Fuel Efficiency

The one thing that continually comes up favorably throughout many Honda 2000 generator reviews is the generator’s efficiency with fuel. 

Thanks to the eco-throttle system, a unique feature designed by Honda, the generator automatically adjusts the fuel intake depending on the workload of the device. 

This eco-throttle system means that the generator never burns any more fuel than is wholly necessary.

One gallon of gasoline will last around 8 hours with the Honda EU2000i generator, an impressive ratio of fuel consumption for a generator of this power.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology, in short, is a type of technology that allows generators to power all types of electronic devices, using clean power. 

Compared with a traditional generator, an inverter generator will produce a more stable current and power supply.

Inverter generators use a lightweight digital electronic alternator, known as an inverter. 

This inverter converts the DC electric current produced by the generator into a clean and stable AC current. 

This means the electrical power is as clean and stable as if it had come straight from your home’s mains power.

This inverter technology means the flow of power is free from surges or spikes of electricity that can damage sensitive electrical devices you are trying to power. 

The other benefit to having this inverter technology is the fact it allows manufacturers to construct lightweight generators that no longer require bulky and heavy add ons to convert the power.

Inverter generators are generally quieter devices and are surrounded by a noise-canceling cladding that reduces the sound even more so.


20.1 x 11.4 x 16.7 inches
120 V
2000 W
Noise Level:
50 dBA
2000 W
Power Source:

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Low level of noise.
  • Expertly crafted and world-renowned Honda engine.
  • It can be easily parallel to another generator.
  • Doesn’t rely on a large amount of fuel.


  • It can be a little pricey.
  • No fuel gauge.

Portability, Size & Weight

Alongside the generator’s fuel efficiency, it’s shining feature has to be its portability. 

With both its lightweight design and sleek and well-crafted size, it makes for one of the most portable generators on the market.

This lightweight design does nothing to compromise the ability or power of the generator, but in fact, adds to the positive attributes of the Honda EU2000i. 

The combination of surging power and portability makes this generator a fantastic addition to any RV camper or camping trip.

The size also means the generator can be stored with complete ease. Whether this storage is in the trunk of a car, below the seats of any vehicle, or at home in a toolbox. 

There’s no bulkiness to hamper the carrying or storing process – again, this makes it favorable for new and old users of generators.     

Carrying the generator is made even easier by a molded handle that runs across the entire top side of the device. 

This easily gripped handle means that people of all ages and fitness levels can grip and carry the generator with complete ease. 

Noise Level

The noise level of the Honda EU2000i generator is something that often takes potential customers by surprise. 

Measuring in at around 55 dBA, the noise level of this generator is so quiet it falls below any level of sound pollution or disturbance that other much larger generators would produce.

Running at 25%, the noise level of the Honda EU2000i falls to the 50 dBA mark. 

As human conversations hover around the 60 dBA mark, it is easy to see how little noise the generator really makes.

This low noise level means that this generator is ideal for camping trips, closely packed residential areas, and situations where you are relying on low levels of noise. 

You are unlikely to find a generator that provides as much power yet has such a limited noise level.    


The Honda EU2000i comes with an impressive three-year warranty, covering a wide variety of features on the generator. 

This three-year warranty will start to form the moment you buy the generator and is often counted in monthly slots.

Although the warranty will cover many aspects of repair and replacement through the three years stated, there are certain conditions in which this might be void.

Certain parts or problems with a generator may not be covered by this three-year warranty, so be sure to read the full terms and conditions beforehand.

The warranty may also be voided if you yourself try and attempt to fix the problem yourself before consulting Honda. 

This is also true of replacing parts in the generator; even if you are successful in relacing parts, if a fault is found further down the line, the warranty may become void.  

Honda EU2000i Generator Customer Reviews

Much of the reviews for the Honda EU2000i generator look favorably on it in many different ways. 

The majority of time in a Honda EU2000i review is taken up by praising the product’s lightweight design and maneuverability.

The ability to move the generator from place to place, whether this is during camping and RV trips or around the workplace and home, is another of the reviewer’s more positive points.

It is seen as the ideal camping or mobile generator.

From a tool fanatic or engineering point of view, a Honda EU200oi review often heaps a lot of praise on the Honda engine and its reliability.   

Negative points made by reviewers include the lack of a fuel gauge on the generator, leading to an inability to know how much fuel has been consumed. 

Other contentious points include the price tag of the item. 

Overall, reviews of the Honda EU2000i are highly favorable, and the item is seen as one of the best of its kind on the market.

Our Verdict

In conclusion, the Honda EU2000i really heads the top of the list of portable and punchy generators that have both power and mobility. 

As a product made by such a top brand as Honda, it is no surprise that you will have to pay a little extra to get the quality they provide.

This being said, the quality you do get is remarkable in the way it is both portable and productive. 

From Honda’s eco-throttle system to its precise inverter technology, the Honda EU2000i makes an ideal choice for anyone seeking a generator in this powerful yet portable category.  

Though not completely free of undesirable points, many more superficial than substantial, the Honda EU2000i makes for the complete all-round travel generator.