Generac GP8000e Review

Updated November 18, 2020

The Generac GP8000e portable generator is one of the most reliable electric start generators on the market. Due to its fantastic features and high-end specs, this generator falls in the same range as those made by CAT and Honda. 

It features a unique Power Rush technology for a 30% increased starting capacity compared to other generators in the same category. 

The built-in steel tank provides an impressive 7.5-gallon fuel capacity with a running time of 11 hours at half load (50%). Not to mention, the tank also includes a fuel gauge

The unit also has an added battery and provides an electric-start push-button for convenience.

Moreover, the Generac GP8000e is explicitly designed to operate in rugged conditions and therefore includes protected AC power outlets, steel-tube cage, and never-flat wheels for optimal protection.  

This electric-start generator offers an incredible 10000 starting watts and 8000 running watts. 

Additionally, it comes with a four 120v outlet and a single 120/240v twist-lock outlet. However, the unit doesn’t include any DC outlets.    

If you want to know what else this Generac model has to offer, read our GP8000e review.

Generac GP8000e Review


One of the most essential things to bear in mind when buying any generator is how much power it offers; after all, what good a generator is if it doesn’t deliver the amount of power that is required.

Think of what you intend to do with the generator you’re buying. If you want to power your RV, camp appliances, or home appliances, you should always look for a generator that provides enough watts to achieve all that. 

Though it’s quite challenging for a single portable generator to achieve all this, the Generac GP8000e is an exception!

With an uninterrupted 8000 watts running power and 1000 watts starting power, this generator offers an impressive ability to run heavy-duty appliances.  

What Will 8000 Watt Generator Run? 

With a running power of 8000 wattages, you can run many different things efficiently. 

For homeowners, it can work as a significant power backup and can run a majority of household appliances such as air conditioner, fridges, lights, oven, water heater, pump, alongside sensitive equipment like computers, laptops, tablets, etc. 

Apart from using the unit as a backup power source during power outages or emergencies, you can also use it in several other things like recreational activities (tailgating, RVing, etc.), farm equipment, and industrial equipment. 

Thus, with the Generac GP8000e, you can not only power your house in case of emergency but also use it to power RV, tailgating equipment, and construction power tools.    

Fuel Efficiency

Like many Generac portable generators, the GP8000e is also designed with a very upfront approach for running. The unit relies on standard gasoline for fuel, unlike many other similar models that use propane as their fuel-type. 

Since the unit runs on gas, which is readily available, you won’t have to disrupt your work or other things in case of a fuel shortage. Plus, it’s one of the most affordable fuel-type options. 

This Generac gas-powered model includes a 420cc OHV engine capable of generating about 8000 watts peak and 10000 watts maximum power, mainly because the generator comprises a Power-Rush technology that enables it to accelerate its starting watts by 30%. 

Its steel tank can hold about 7.5 gallons of fuel, which is more than adequate to keep this electric-start generator continuously running for up to 12-hours at half load (50%). 

In addition to that, the average fuel consumption of the unit is approximately 0.79 gallons/hour. This makes GP8000e the most fuel efficient generator in the entire GP series. 

Moreover, thanks to the GFCI outlet of this unit, this generator is transfer switch ready. This means you can power your house by effortlessly connecting it with the house circuit breaker.


7.5 gallons
120-240 V
10000 W
Noise Level:
74 dB
8000 W
Power Source:

Pros & Cons


  • Folding handles for an easy compact storage.
  • Extra-large steel tank.
  • Embedded hour meter and a fuel gauge.
  • Electric-start portable generator for easy use (also the battery is included).
  • Never-flat wheels.
  • Highly durable.


  • No DC power socket.
  • Not ideal for smaller appliances and smart devices.

Portability, Size & Weight

Although the generator is labeled as portable, moving it isn’t easy and requires greater strength. 

With dimensions of 28 x 27 x 25 inches and a weight of 197lbs, the generator might not be a good option for solo camping.

Otherwise, you can use this unit for tailgating parties if you’ve somebody to lend you a helping hand. Also, it’s portable enough to be used in homes, construction sites, and even with RVs.       

The unit has two heavy-duty never-flat wheels and an ergonomic fold-down handle for easy and convenient portability.  

Given the power-generation capacity, size, and weight of the unit, the portability it offers even then is unmatchable. 

Run Time

A generator’s running time is based on several things, including size, type, and the overall power it draws.  

The Generac GP8000e electric-start gas-powered generator can quickly provide a continuous run time of 12-hours at half-load, thanks to the unit’s 7.5-gallon fuel tank. 

This means it operates at an incredible 5.7kilowatt-hours/gallon. 

Additionally, the generator comes with a fuel-gauge that helps you monitor your consumption and ensure optimal performance at minimum fuel.  


Generators emit specific particles that include nitrogen oxides and unburnt hydrocarbons, which add to the air and pollute it. 

The GP8000e portable generator by Generac is approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

However, it’s not CARB-compliant, which means you can’t sell or purchase this gas-powered electric-start generator in California.    

You can use this generator in most forested areas since it comes with a spark arrester.  


Generators are a good investment only if they provide value for money. Since these machines don’t come cheap, you must invest in a generator that offers good years of warranty.  

That’s why you should always for Generac GP Series portable generators since they are backed by a reasonable length of a warranty period. 

The Generac GP8000e portable generator offers a 2-years limited warranty and may not include every part. 

And if you want to know which part the warranty covers and which it doesn’t, check the manual.  

Generac GP8000e Customer Reviews

The Generac GP8000e electric-start portable generator is the latest model from Generac in their GP series. Unlike other portable generators of this series, the GP8000e exceeds all with its incredible power-generation capacity. 

Though all Generac units are popular among people for their excellent features, consumers prefer GP8000e over others mainly because it is quite powerful to supply many of your household appliances during power outages and can also be used for recreational activities.   

With just 197 pounds in weight, 8000 wattage continuous power and 10000 watts surge power, this generator is a power packed machine that can easily supply a broad range of household and other devices. 

Many consumers report that it powers many of their large appliances and even power tools as well. While sharing his experience of the Generac GP8000e, one customer talked about how it has helped power his house for days during several hurricanes and cyclones. 

For the best generator for hurricanes, make sure you read our guide we have written specifically for that topic. 

He noted that all these days the unit was running non-stop for 11-hours.  

Apart from its power, several consumers prefer this unit for its portability. The hard metal frame, locking handles, and never-fleet wheels, large fuel-tank, etc., make it easy to move and ideal for RVing, tailgating, and others. 

A real quiet portable generator is rare until it’s an inverter. However, the Generac GP8000e has changed the notion with its commendable 74 decibels of sound, given its power, size, and weight. 

This was supported by a great majority of consumers who reported the unit is exceptionally discreet during operation. 

It produces slightly more noise than your everyday conversations, similar to the sound you hear while driving a car. 

However, some users have complained about its noise levels, saying the generator is too loud for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Money Does Generac GP8000e Generator Costs?

The Generac GP8000e portable generator can cost you about $600 and $800 depending on where you make a purchase. If you want to avail some of the best deals and prices on Generac generators, always shop from Amazon. 

How Long Generac GP8000e generator lasts?

All Generac GP series generators are durable and last years. With proper use and maintenance of the unit, the Generac GP8000e electric-start generator can last more than 20 years.

Our Verdict

Whether you’re seeking to power your home, power tools, RV, or even tailgate parties, the Generac GP8000e fits the bill! 

The increased power-producing capacity of the unit makes it one of the most versatile models from Generac holdings with a durable and dependable engine.

This electric-start portable generator weighs less than 200 pounds with an oversized fuel steel tank that provides you an effective and efficient running time. 

You can use the generator anywhere to power almost anything, especially if you’re facing power outages at night – since it’s an ideal model for all-night use. 

With an exceptional 10000 and 8000 watts power capacity, the unit is perfect for keeping RV electronic, essential household appliances, and power tools running.