Generac GP3300 Review

Updated December 25, 2020

Power outages are a rare occurrence; however, you need to be prepared when it happens. 

And there is no telling if a storm or any other natural disaster may lead to a loss in electricity on minor to major proportions. 

This especially becomes an issue for business owners. 

What if you run an ice cream parlor or a meat shop where the refrigerator must continuously function?

Thanks to portable generators, now you can take all the precautionary measures to avoid this ordeal. 

A portable generator offers a solution to multiple modern-day problems.

It serves as a backup during emergency power outages or as a primary source on a camping trip.

Choosing a good portable generator can be a tough call, especially if you’re not aware of the technicalities and specifications of what different units have to offer. 

Furthermore, every portable generator is designed to serve different needs. 

Some are large with high power outputs and long runtimes, while others are compact and meant to uphold a smaller load.

Therefore, if you want to buy one, there are a few things you will have to consider against your preferences: durability, safety, fuel efficiency, and output. 

Also, keep in mind that most units will fall under the range of $500, so make your decision wisely.

There are many different types of portable generator models currently available, and it’s tedious to work out which one will serve your needs best.

The Generac GP 3300 watt generator is certainly one of the best units you can get for your money’s worth. 

The Generac brand is widely known as a standard of reliability, durability, and value for money for both residential and commercial users.

Keep reading as we further stress the functionality of this reliable unit:

Generac GP3300 Review

Power & Run Time

With a running power of 3300 watts, the GP3300 Generac packs a punch. 

The 3300 watts are divided between two 14 amp circuits. Each leg of the 120-volt socket is connected to an individual breaker. So, the power output is divided into two separate 1600 watt streams.

You can use one side for your sensitive devices such as smartphones and laptops and the other side for smaller appliances. 

The generator also comes with a 20-volt to 30-volt adapter. This allows for tailgating and seamless connectivity to RVs. 

Each of these sides is equipped with a variety of sockets to connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Additionally, it has a starting wattage of 3750 watts and a running output of 3300 watts. 

With such a high output, it’s more than equipped to power larger appliances, like televisions, computers, refrigerators, and even small air conditioners.

Despite its large power output, the GP3300 generator is made to prioritize safe usage. It is fitted with several circuit breakers that trip if the load exceeds the set limit. This will prevent untoward accidents like short-circuiting or overheating. 

You can then attempt to turn the circuit breaker back on and restore your supply with a little less load. Many customers tend to overlook safety features, but if you want to keep your generator running, they’re certainly a must.

What Can The Generac GP3300 Generator Run?

Whether it’s tailgating, camping, or powering your home during an emergency outage, the Generac GP3300 can fulfill your power needs with ease.

Generac is a renowned name in the world of generators, going as far back as 1959. Most Generac generators are of the industrial kind and used to power office buildings.

Equipped with five power outlets, the GP3300 Generac can run multiple appliances at the same time, such as refrigerators, furnaces, TVs, computers, etc.  

However, as mentioned before, the load is divided into two streams, so any device that exceeds 1600 watts will not run on this generator.

Fuel Efficiency

This generator can run up to 10 hours with 50% load, a high runtime compared to conventional models. 

At full load, the Generac GP3300 will run for around 6 hours. In both regards, the runtime is above-average.

With a high run time, an engine displacement of 208 cubic centimeters, and a fuel tank that can hold 3.35 gallons, it gives you ample time between gas fill-ups. 

The power-to-gas ratio ranks better than other similar-sized generators and provides a decent run time before you need to refuel.

Moreover, this generator has a built-in safety feature that detects low oil levels and shuts down automatically. This promising feature is designed to prevent wear and tear and damage to the machine.

Low oil levels can drastically damage your engine and can lead to overheating. This safety feature will shut down the system until you refill it.  

Consequently, this will save you the cost of repairing a burnt engine. It’s also equipped with a fuel gauge to avoid any halts and notify you when the oil levels are low.


24 x 22.5 x 21 inches
120 V
3300 watts running, 3750 watts starting
Noise Level:
3300 watts
Power Source:

Pros & Cons


  • High power output
  • Fuel efficient
  • Portable
  • Automatic shutdown system
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty


  • Not suitable for devices above 1600 watts
  • Some people said that it would have been even better if the generator provided more than six hours on full load

Portability, Size, And Weight

The Generac 3300 watt generator’s high power output might mislead prospective buyers into thinking it will be of gigantic proportions. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

This generator weighs roughly 100 pounds and is extremely convenient to move around. While the weight may be around the higher side, its folding handle makes it easy to be wheeled around.

It’s built for the outdoors, and its robust build quality proves that. Additionally, its flat-free tires are made for all terrains and will roll through mud, grass, or hilly terrains with relative comfort. 

However, its portability and ease-of-use do not take away from its strong construction and sturdy frame. The unit is enclosed in a steel cage, which protects the inner body from damages, scratches, or dents.

Starting And Running Watts

With a hefty starting output of 3750 watts and a continuous running output of 3300 watts, the Generac GP3300 will provide more power than most people require. 

This wattage is enough to last you through a power outage or satisfy all your power requirements for a camping trip down at the lake.

The combined power wattage of this unit is 3300; however, the stream is split in two. This will disappoint individuals who want to use it to power tools that require an output of over 1600 watts.

If you’re looking for a generator to run heavy equipment, such as construction tools that require 2000 watts of power or more, check out other models offered by Generac.

Noise Levels

Most generators designed for home use must comply with zoning regulations regarding the noise levels they generate.

And as such, the Generac GP3300 generator is designed to emit the lowest sounds. Using one of these units will allow users to go about their tasks without much audible disturbance.

While generators must follow no established criteria, most generators from the Generac series do not exceed 60dB. As a reference, an air conditioning unit produces noise levels above 65dB. 

So it is safe to assume that; your generator will be quiet enough for camping and RVing as well as residential use!


The Generac GP3300 generator – in line with the broader Generac policy – is covered by a warranty period of up to two years from the date of sale. 

Under this warranty, the company is liable to repair or replace any part that is found to be defective under normal use.

The replacement or repair is subject to examination and inspection by the company or an authorized Generac dealer. 

For all warranty claims and maintenance, the customer must get all repair and replacement procedures performed by an authorized Generac service dealer; otherwise, the warranty may go void. 

Generac GP3300 Generator Customer Reviews

This generator has received positive reviews across the board, with a special emphasis on its dependability and easy portability. 

Customers found the wheel kit and the foldable handle particularly handy and comfortable.

Furthermore, users have commented positively on the durability and ease of use of this unit. 

Compared to other generators, they found it very easy to start, only requiring two pulls even in colder temperatures. This can be attributed to its high-quality recoil starter.

Currently, this GP3300 generator has an average rating of 3 stars out of 5 on Amazon as per customer reviews. 

Many people were disappointed with the 1600 watt limitation on this generator. 

They were not aware that the output is split into two streams and assumed that this generator is suitable for devices with an output of 3300 watts. 

The most common complaint revolved around this issue.

Moreover, users claimed that they would have given this generator higher reviews if they knew about this limitation. Many of them bought the generator to run power tools with outputs of around 2000 watts.

While this proved to be a deterrent for some users, others found solace in its reliability and appreciated its ability to function continuously without surges or drops. Users also rated it highly on its low maintenance requirements.

As compared to other generators, the GP3300 is easy to understand and user-friendly. The automatic shutdown system proved to be handy for many inexperienced customers and ended up saving them the cost of replacing the engine.

Overall, most users praised the GP3300 for its ease of portability, simple design, reliability, safety, and durability. While some found the 1600 watt stream division an annoyance, most buyers had positive reviews. 

They reported that this generator satisfied all their power needs efficiently, especially when it came to residential usage.

Our Verdict

Suppose you’re looking for a reliable generator that can power your average household appliances or need a power source to take along for your camping trip. In that case, this model is right up your alley. 

The GP3300, with its continuous power output of 3300 watts, is high enough to power multiple small appliances and devices at one time.

However, if you’re looking to use this generator on a construction site or looking to provide power to heavy equipment, this may not be the best choice. 

Furthermore, this generator may not be suitable for some home appliances either. For example, if you’re looking to power a 2400 watts heater, this unit will not be of any help. 

Keep in mind that this generator will not power any appliance or device above 1600 watts.

However, if you’re looking to use this for emergency purposes and need to use it to provide power to less demanding appliances, there’s nothing better on the market. 

It offers great value for your money with a two-year limited warranty and unmatched durability. It’s also extremely reliable and runs continuously without interruptions. 

The cost of maintenance is also modest, and it’s easy to move around if you plan to go on a cross country trip in your RV. 

Generac is a trusted name in the power generation industry, and their GP3300 is no exception to the brilliant products and service they are known to provide.