A-iPower SC2000i Review

Updated December 25, 2020

When it comes to choosing the ideal generator, in such a flooded market, it can sometimes feel like an impossible task.

To narrow down such a difficult choice, it is important to understand your requirements and motives for buying such a device.

Certain power requirements may require a generator that packs a huge punch, while others may require a more portable device.

Understanding these subtle differences will make your job of deciding which model to buy all the easier.

We should then take into consideration elements such as brand name and price tags, something that always affects people’s decisions.

Our guide will aim to dissect and explore the multifaceted approaches to buying a generator, with the A-iPower SC2000i Generator firmly in mind.

Only by assessing every aspect of this device can we establish whether it’s the right one for you. From its power ability and portability, right down to the noise levels it produces.

We will also take a look at what paying customers have said about the generator, leaving you armed with all the tools to make your own informed decision.

A-iPower - SC2000i Review


When you’re observing any type of generator, it is the power that is often the most important feature. 

The amount of power a generator can supply is often the difference between a great and a good generator.

Knowing the level of power a generator can produce is always an informative way of knowing what the device can run and how much output you have to use. 

Matching the level of power with certain tasks will allow you to have a better understanding if this is the generator for you.

Take the A-iPower powered by Yamaha inverter generator, for example. 

The number 2000 in the SC200i name indicates that this generator has a power of 2000 Watts. 

Housing a 79 cc Yamaha OHV 4-stroke engine, the sc2000i inverter generator produces 120 volts and can be doubled with the pairing up of a compatible generator unit.  

This 2000 Watts is the generator’s peak running watts, generally speaking, the sc2000i will run at around the 1600W mark.

It is important to not run a generator at its full capacity for too long, this could result in the generator blowing the fuses of whatever devices they’re powering.

What Can an A-iPower SC2000i Generator Run? 

An A-iPower sc2000i generator has a start-up power of 2000 Watts and a running power of around 1600 Watts. 

This being said, the generator has great capability when it comes to what is power and runs.

As the generator can run at a peak level of 2000 Watts, it is more than capable of powering all your needs during a camping or RV trip. 

The portability of the device also adds to its camping appeal. 

As well as being a generator for the family camper, a 2000 Watt power supply is a strong enough power supply to power household appliances during a blackout or emergency.

Although the 1600 to 2000 Watts will not often be enough to support the entire household, it is enough to keep vital appliances such as a refrigerator or freezer in working and order and with a constant power supply.  

Fuel Efficiency

One of the A-iPower SC2000i’s most notable points is its excellent fuel efficiency high level of function on very little fuel. 

With an average fuel consumption of 0.16 gallons per hour on a 50% load, there is lots to shout about when it comes to this generator’s fuel consumption and efficiency.  

Taking this fuel efficiency into consideration, the A-iPower SC2000i can run continuously for an impressive 7 hours on a full tank of fuel, running at a 50% load. 

Aiding this fuel efficiency is an automatic shut-off, which will kill the generator if the device becomes too overloaded.

An added fuel gauge also allows users to check the fuel levels anywhere and at any time with complete ease. 

This added bonus allows you to only fill up the generator when needed and also stops you attempting to run the generator with little or no fuel inside.


21 x 12.5 x 19 inches
120 V
1600/2000 W
Noise Level:
58 dBA
2000 W
Power Source:

Pros & Cons


  • Brand name Yamaha engine.
  • Extremely fuel-efficient.
  • Lightweight design with easy maneuverability.
  • Includes adaptors for RVs.
  • Comes with multiple accessories.
  • Automatic shut off to save power.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Possible low run time compared to similar devices on the market.
  • Not ideal for higher power dependences.

Portability, Size & Weight

Weighing in at only 46 lbs, the lightweight design of the A-iPower SC2000i is one of its most favorable attributes. 

Small in stature, lightweight, yet packing a punch, the generator is an ideal choice for those wishing to form a power supply during their RV or camping trips.

The molded handle that is built within the case means it is simple and easy to move around with ease. 

The lightweight design and handle mean that it takes very little strength to move it from one place to another – again, another reason why this is an ideal portable generator.

Measuring a little over 20 inches either way also means that this generator can be placed in the hood of any car, under the seat, or even stored away in the smallest of cupboards with ease. 

As it is so lightweight, the whole family can learn to carry this generator, both young and old can carry it safely.

Noise Levels

With its noise emissions measuring in at only 58 dBA, the An A-iPower sc2000i generator is able to produce a great amount of power with barely any noise pollution. 

This is another reason why this model is seen as a great choice for RV and wild camping sites.

Human conversation generally measures at around the 60 dBA mark, so this generator’s 58 dBA measurement is proof that it is unlikely even to drown out even the quietest of conversations.

This noise level is produced when the generator is running at its full capacity. 

When the generator is running at 50% load or lower, the noise levels are considerably lower – even more proof of the generator’s low noise emissions.  


The A-iPower sc2000i generator comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, starting on the day of purchase. 

This warranty will cover any repairs or damages that the generator receives within those two years.

It is important to remember that this warranty may become void if you open up the inner workings of the generator and make any changes yourself. 

The minute you begin to change the parts or attempt repairs yourself, the warranty can become void. 

This being said, if you are unsure about the productivity of the generator or are thinking of attempting any upgrades or repairs, be sure to consult with the manufacturer and warranty provider beforehand.

The two-year warranty may also not include certain parts within the generator, so it is always important to read the small print of warranties before you commit to a certain model.  

A-iPower SC2000i Generator Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for the A-iPower SC2000i Generator are generally favorable across the board, and comparison reviews see this model as one of the best in its category.

One of the generator’s most notable and celebrated features has to be its lightweight design and portability. 

Many of the customers who bought this model have done so based on this fantastic attribute, and it is this that they rave about in all positive reviews of the product.

Another feature that comes up quite often in the positive reviews of the product is its affordability in pricing. 

The Yamaha engine and inner workings are something that draws people in again and again. 

Although it has this major brand name, the price tag is not something extravagant; this is a feature that takes people pleasantly by surprise.

When it comes to certain negative elements in customer reviews, the question of overall power comes up again and again. 

From this, we can say that it is not necessarily the most powerful device if you are looking to power something as large as an entire household.      

Our Verdict

After our in-depth look at the A-iPower SC2000i Generator, it is clear that it is an ideal generator in a number of different fields.

Overall, the generator comes out on top when it comes to attributes such as its weight and portability. 

This being said, the A-iPower SC2000i Generator is a great generator for those looking for power during RV camping trips or those who are constantly on the go.

With an in-built Yamaha engine, any buyer of this generator will have complete confidence in the reliability and productivity of its inner workings.

There are also only positive things to say about the generator’s price. A price that, when weighed up against its nearest rival model, comes up trumps. 

You are certainly getting what you pay for, speaking in the most positive sense. 

Although this generator will not necessarily power your entire household, it is the perfect model to have tucked away for those impromptu trips or unfortunate blackouts.